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HI-SAVER (power saver)
Energy-saving /
Control System
Technical Features
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Comparative Analysis
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Energy-saving/Control System

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  • HI-SAVER power saving/controlling systems
  • HI-SAVER (power saver) will contribute significantly to a
    company's competitiveness by saving the power by up to 20–45%
    depending on the load volume for the customers’ benefit.

Induction motors, Injection, fans, and hydraulic pump motors, Comparative operation control output for developed products' console systems, Controlling of torque and RPM depending on the load volume, Inverters

Active and inactive power reduction :
• Power conservation by 20–45% one year after installation
• Power conservation by 30–50% one year after installation

The reduction of apparent power leads to the reduction of the contract power and the basic rate.

Enhancement of power quality : Enhancement of product competitiveness, extension of lifetime, and improvement of safety