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F/Proof HMI

F/Proof HMI

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F/Proof system
A system equipped with devices and methods designed to prevent people from making mistakes or detect the generated mistakes.
1. Designed in a way that the operator should not get damaged even when making a mistake in operation.
2. Should be reflected in the designing stage of products and processes so as not to allow failures or defects to take place even when the operation makes a mistake in operation.

Creation of high value added, Production line automation, More profits due to reduction of costs

HMI (Human Machine Interface)
This is developed for the purpose of making things easy and comfortable between the operator and the facility. Even in adverse industrial sites, its performance can be reliably maintained. This makes it possible to control and monitor the equipment easily.

HMI System Configuration

HMI(Human Machine Interface)

HMI System Components

HMI(Human Machine Interface)

HMI status board system

HMI(Human Machine Interface)