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F/Proof HMI Features

F/Proof HMI Features

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F/Proof system
A system equipped with devices and methods designed to prevent people from making mistakes or detect the generated mistakes.
1. Designed in a way that the operator should not get damaged even when making a mistake in operation.
2. Should be reflected in the designing stage of products and processes so as not to allow failures or defects to take place even when the operation makes a mistake in operation.

HMI System Configuration

MES Application(PC), Data retrieving/editing/managing, DB Server, Data saving/retrieving/managing, DAS Application(PC), Data transfer (MODBUS RTU Protocol, TCP/IP)

HMI System Components

DB Server

  • DB Server
  • Equipment that saves data collected by the DAS
    Application (PC)

DAS Application (PC)

  • DAS Application (PC)
  • Data saving, retrieval, and management

Touch terminal

  • Touch terminal
  • Transmits data (collected data are transmitted to DAS
    via MODBUS RTU Protocol or TCP/IP)

Injection molder PLC

  • Injection molder PLC
  • Collects various types of data from sensors mounted to the
    injection molder, stores data, and communicates data with
    the touch terminal

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