Thinks tomorrow than today GLOBAL LEADER, Received a grand prize in a power saving award
CEO’s Message

CEO's Message

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As an expert in the development and research in the field of energy conservation, the company opens a new chapter in saving the power and energy in the manufacturing industries by using HI-SAVER (Console system controller KSCS) developed solely by the company. The company is one of the most promising small and medium enterprises today. It has registered patents, has established its annex research institute, and has been certified as a venture business as part of the effort to secure the solid foundation as an innovative and technology-intensive company.In particular, based on the customer-oriented thinking and evaluation of values, it will secure competitiveness by providing the best-quality products and services by developing new technologiesthrough transparent management and strategic business development to meet the demands of globalization. The company will take a step-by-step approach toward the future based on innovative development and research in energy conservation. We also aim to move forward and become one of the most specialized small and medium enterprises that can own unique energy-saving technologies.