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The high-efficiency HI-SAVER is a power-saving device that improves the efficiency of a motor load that accounts for 60–80% of the total power consumption.

Application areas and installation targe
Electric motors for factory’s dust collection facilities, Water supply and drainage pumps to maintain livestock farms, Water supply and drain pumps for public institutions, Supply pumps for apartment’s water tanks, Compressors and various hydraulic units for injection molding machines

HI-SAVER will contribute significantly to a company's competitiveness by saving the power by up to 20–45% depending on the load volume at the customer side.

  • Saving of electric energy by 20–45% for each motor load
  • Increase in facility capacity due to the reduction of apparent power (load can be increased without changing the transformer capacity)
  • Workplace environment improvement due to the reduction of noise
  • Reduction of power loss and resolving power drop
  • Lowering of the basic charge due to the reduction of the facility’s capacity following the reduction of active power
  • Reduction of the contract power by more than 30%
  • When the facility is expanded, there is no need to use a condenser that is currently used to improve power factor.
  • Discounting of the electric rate due to the improvement in power factor Saving of the power rate by 20–45% one year after installation
  • Saving of the power rate by more than 30–50% one year after installation
  • Reduction of the facility capacity due to the controlling of the peak power
  • Enhancement of power quality for higher product competitiveness, longer lifetime, and improved safety

Comparative analysis before and after installation

Before installation After installation
Y - △ maneuver by initial control panel SOFT START maneuver is available.
Occurrence of 3–6 times of starting current Maneuver within 100% of rated currents
Lots of energy consumption because of the full-speed maneuver regardless of load change The peak electricity reduction effect caused by the starting current and extension of motor life
Peak control during peak electricity time zone is impossible. Energy saving of load control by inverter
Irregular to the normal load of the power factor control condenser High peak electricity control The increase of peal reduction effect
Irrational extension of contract demand during extension Easy automatic control of power factor load
Air volume and flux cannot be controlled. The 30% increase of the reduction effect of the contract demand
  Accurate control of air volume and flux is available.