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HI-SAVER (power saver)
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HI-SAVER (power saver)

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  • What is HI-SAVER (power saver)?
  • HI-SAVER is made by developing and installing the KSCS console system
    controller to an high-efficiency inverter, making it possible to quickly filter any
    change in pressure and flow speed as well as carry out proportional output
    control at the load driving side.
    Accordingly, it can be applied and installed for various industrial sites, including
    dust collectors, water supply and drain pumps, air take-in and discharge fans,
    hydraulic motors, driving unit control, hydraulic presses, injection molding
    machines, blower molding machines, die-casting machines, crushers, and
    compressors. With the effects it provides through enhanced performance, the
    product significantly helps the customers save energy.
  • Inverter Type 4MS, Inverter Type 4W
  • Inverter Type 2MS, Inverter Type 1S

Injection machine power saving process (6 cycles)

Injection machine power saving process (6 cycles)

The average power saving ratio is about 20–40%. The highest saving ratio can be observed at the product cooling partwith 6 cycles.
In other words, the longer the product cooling time, the higher the saving ratio.