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F/Proof HMI Features

F/Proof HMI Features

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  • Status board + MES screen configuration
  • Status board + MES screen configuration
MES main functions
• Manages data (business partners, factories, lines, machines, staff, products, and raw materials) necessary for the process
• Sets individual injection molding machines and retrieves measurement data.
• Makes it easy to manage data because the period can be set and retrieved for each system.
• Manages processes based on the SPC analysis
• Carries out overall management regarding products, such as production planning, work instruction, and production performance management.
• Manages facilities by retrieving information about defects and nonoperation status at individual lines.
• Prepares and manages necessary working documents, such as work daily reports, work operation sheet, sheets for checking the products in progress.
  • Injection molding machine monitoring MES
  • Injection molding machine monitoring MES