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Technical Features and Effects

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HI-SAVER technical features

valve unit
With the help of this function, the valve in the real-time power saver will be opened in proportion to the preset power supply (A). Then, as far as the working oil that is discharged by the hydraulic pump by the hydraulic facility is concerned, a certain amount of working oil will be supplied to the hydraulic facility in a way that corresponds to the opening level of the valve according to the power supply (A)
detection unit
Detects the supply power (A) to the proportional valve above.
Sensing unit
Senses the operating power (B) of the above hydraulic pump.
Calculates the maximum and minimum values not only of the supply power (A) of the pro-portional valve detected by the power detection unit but also of the operating power (B) of hydraulic pumps sensed by the sensing unit.
operation unit
Calculates the average values of the above supply power (A) as well as the operating power.
Control unit
The control unit generates control signals that individually correspond to a selected value among the supply power (A), operating power (B), average value, maximum value, and minimum value according to the working pressure that corresponds to the operation features of the preset hydraulic facilities. In addition, the real-time power saver for hydraulic facilities includes an inverter that makes it possible to discharge the working oil by running the hydraulic pump according to the signals generated from the control unit.

Inverter, Motor, Hydraulic pump, Hydraulic facility, Sensing unit

It is possible to save the power by changing the power supplied to the hydraulic facility in real time according to the working power of ]hydraulic pumps of hydraulic facilities.

Control unit, Input unit, Search unit, DB

It is possible to save the power that is supplied according to the features of the work because it is possible to adjust the supply power in real time according to the features of the work that is carried out by the hydraulic facility.