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Reviews from client company that installed HI-SAVER

  • Identech Jisa-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan / Moon Sang-Jin, Production Manager
  • We specialize in injection moldings and produce parts for GM. W installed HI-SAVER (power saver) as part of the effort to save electric costs. After installing it, we have stabilized facilities and enhanced their performance, helping realizing high operation rate.
    The reproducibility before and after installation is excellent, making all of us feel happy about achieving more than expected.
  • Kukdong Andong, Gimha-si, Gyeongnam / Lee Yeong-Jin, Planning Manager
  • We specialize injection moldings and produce auto, electric, and electronic parts. We have installed HI-SAVER (power saver) made by KYUNGSUNG HIGHTECH as a measure to reduce electric costs. After installing it, we have seen electric costs going down, facilities getting stabilized, and reproducibility of products being enhanced.
    Compared with other companies' products, HI-SAVER provides a facility expansion effect as well as stability, reliability, and more functions.
  • Daesung Industry Mudong-ri, Changwon-si, Gyeongnam / Moon Hye-Jung, CEO
  • We supply parts of air-conditioners for LG Electronics and installed, in July 2007, HI-SAVER as part of the effort to reduce electric costs. As a result, the reproducibility compared before and after installation is the same. The system has brought significant effects in saving electric costs. We hope for the government to expand its subsidiary when we expand facilities in future and hope more systems to be supplied.
  • Taekwang Enterprise Jinae-dong, Gimhae-si, Gyenongnam / Lee Jae-Hyeon, Production Manager
  • We specializes in injection moldings and produces parts for Hyundai and Kia Motors. As part of the effort to reduce electric costs, we have installed and used the system. We have lowered electric costs, enhanced the eproducibility of products, and stabilized facilities, realizing high efficiency. Compared with other companies’ products, HI-SAVER provides far excellent efficiency and stale production efficiency.
  • Jawoo Platech Yangdeok-dong, Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongnam / Kim Yong-Seop, Production Manager
  • After we started to use HI-SAVER, we have seen the system contributing significantly in terms of stabilization of performance and efficiency, such as saving of electric costs and reduction of noise.
    We plan to install the additional system as an essential system when we make additional investment and expand facilities to scale up business in future.